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Image by Art Lasovsky

Other Writings

So, what else have I written? See below!

Magazine Submissions

I'm happy to say that an article entitled "More than Imagined" was published in the February 2020 issue of Purpose magazine, a small publication. The publication's theme for the month was "God's Provision," and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to write a personal account of God providing "more than we imagined" during a difficult time for our family.

The theme of the June 2020 issue of Purpose magazine was the "Fruit of the Spirit," and I'm thankful for the inclusion of my submission, "Plucking Joy", in this issue.




This little poem was a contest entry for Beachcombing magazine. I did not win but so enjoyed writing it and wanted to share it for your enjoyment too.


Combing for Memories

As waves roar in, then fizz out, atop the brown sugar sand,
The squawky call from gull above
Competes with those from land.

When, oh, against some jagged rocks a curl of water breaks,
My lips are kissed by briny drops
Only the ocean makes.

Seaweed lies like messy hair upon the pebble-strewn strand.
Its pungent smell though very foul
Does not impede my hand

As fingers dig between cold stones for what has caught my eyes--
For rounded head of cherry red,
A frosty marble prize!

Not wanting to give up this gem, the ocean sends a wave.
With lacy froth it grabs the glass,
But it I firmly save.

For treasures more I must go seek, so down the beach I comb
For pretty rocks and sea glass jewels
And shells that need a home.

When sinking sun paints ‘cross the sky with strokes of pink and red,
Sweet mem’ries of this perfect day
Are stored within my head.

On long, hard days or winter nights or times when heart is sad,
I comb my mind and recollect
When on the beach I had

Rest of body, joy of soul, and waking of senses five.
Then I will dream of my return
To where I’m most alive.

Poem written and copyrighted by Michele Wilder.

Photo by Lucia Hatalova on Unsplash


I entered a contest for Project Canvas wherein we had to submit handwritten poetry. I don't have especially good handwriting but tried to write the short poem (my first official attempt at poetry!) to reflect the words. Hopefully you can see that the way they are written mimic a needle and a string of thread. Inspiration came for the submission while I was doing some stitching. Below is the submission--it won an honorary mention! 

Stitching a Story

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