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Looking Inwardly

I'm not necessarily talking about something major (or it could be major), but has anything been, well, out of sync in your life, and you just can't figure out why?

I recently did something that actually shocked me.

I looked in the mirror.

Not in a real mirror, of course, but at a reflection of my inner self. With the Bible as my guide, I considered for once that maybe...just maybe something I was doing was making things "off." Something I hadn't thought of before, something I never realized glared back at me. The obvious realization left me thunderstruck! Instead of just looking at a situation I truly saw it for the first time.

It's hard to look at see ourselves...but doing so can change our lives. It's easy to point fingers at other people or at our circumstances or at our upbringing or _________ (fill in the blank) instead of looking inwardly. I encourage you to pause today for self-reflection. Is there anything that you have done or are doing that needs to change? I can tell you firsthand that seeing things in my life and making them right before God is 100% worth it.

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