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So, what compelled me to start writing?

I never thought I would write a novel. "How could I possibly keep one train of thought through hundreds of pages?" Sometimes people need a catalyst to accomplish something they already know they should do. Mine, strangely enough, came from an antique mall in the form of a beautiful vintage autograph book I found while looking for vintage things to repurpose or resell in my Etsy shop.

While looking through the book I came across a page that cut straight to my heart.

Meta's poem was beautiful and captivating and powerful...and here I was, a stranger reading it and being compelled by its words over a hundred years later!

At that point I realized I should write what was in my heart. Who knows who or where or when someone may read my book? I just knew that, as Meta had touched my heart, perhaps I too could touch someone else's not only in the present but also hopefully in many years to come.

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