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Book Review--The Deepest Waters

After reading The Deepest Waters, I could clearly see why this book was an award winner contrary to a few other award-winning books I've read in the past. This book was interesting and captivating from beginning to end. Everything written was relevant to the storyline. Of course, I enjoyed the Christian theme weaved throughout the story.

Oh, and Dan wrote in short chapters.

I love short chapters.

I have read books in the past where, once I got to "The End," I felt disappointed and as if I had wasted my time. Not with this book. I can honestly say, it was not only worth reading but also enriching and enjoyable.

One of the things I wanted to be certain of as I wrote my novel, From Shards to Sea Glass, was that everything was believable. There is one scene toward the end of the book where my protagonist is tied to a pole in the frigid waters of the Atlantic. I feared people would think "Yeah, right! Like this would happen!" as they read it. However, that scene was based upon the true Scottish account of the Wigtown martyrs--something I had heard about in a sermon years ago.

In The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh I loved going into the book knowing aspects of it were from true accounts but only knowing which were true after reading it. Yes, I had actually had one of those "Yeah, right!" moments only to find out later that Dan had taken it from a real event. Nice!

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