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Digital Inspiration Board

Do you have one? Back "in the day" I enjoyed looking in magazines, on blogs, etc. at people's inspiration or mood boards: wall-hung pin boards with snippets of paper, patterns, textures, even three-dimensional items that helped the creator gather her thoughts to create an item or concept. I remember gathering things that inspired me, but they all ended up in a notebook, which is fine, I suppose. Where is that notebook today? I couldn't tell you!

Then came along Pinterest. I started out on Pinterest simply to categorize things I liked and to show the world, through a different outlet, the everchanging listings for sale in my Etsy shop.

As an author, I have found Pinterest a great place to create inspiration boards for my books and short stories both past and future. Here is the LINK to the board dedicated to From Shards to Sea Glass. After it was written and published, I homed in on leaving the items that were true inspiration for my novel as well as perhaps explaining a few things to clarify what I was thinking for my story. I guess one could say this board briefly tells the story in pictures.

What about my next book? Oh yes, I have a board for that HERE. I guarantee this board will change over time, but if you take a look, you will get a peek through the keyhole of my mind at what this next novel will be about.

And other books and short stories? Yes, I have a board for those too....but it's locked for now. So many ideas!

Oh, and while I'm at it. Is there a song that I hear and instantly scenes from From Shards to Sea Glass play out in my mind? The schooner? the lighthouse? the storm? Absolutely! You can hear it on YouTube HERE! If you've read my book, please let me know if you can visualize scenes too when you hear this song.

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